Mappy Champ - Classic Low Res Design Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee


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Grab one for the gamer girl or gamer boy in your life. With exceptional retro gamer styling, this design will impress with just a few pixels. For those who love arcade games or classics arcades, this design is perfect for the gamer or gamers in your life. Welcome to an 8 Bit World - Whether you are dropping quarters in the slot or blowing air into an old game cartridge (because we all know that works), Low res is where its at. Join the ranks of those showing their support for keeping pixels big and blocky! Brightly colored with crisp details in ultra-low resolution, this retro design is ready to impress with as few pixels as possible. The perfect design for the retro gamer or retro fashion conscious person in your life. This design is popular with both gamer girls and gamer boys, and is sure to impress. Based on classic arcade game styling, this design consists of straight lines and right angles.